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About us

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Business Activities.

Business solution company provides high quality integrated technology solutions with excellent modern designs at affordable prices

We’re working to build the best products to help our customers build their brands and grow their businesses.
We are offering end-to-end solutions for all of your IT business challenges.
We're caring about building quality products and trusted relationships with our customers.
We believe that constructive, honest feedback is an opportunity for growth.

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With Our Tools

We are using modern technologies to build the most powerful and smart solutions to suit all our customers needs

Archiving Solutions

SAS Company has smart and powerful digital archiving software that integrates with artificial intelligence with more than 10 years of experience.

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Software Solutions

As businesses continue to evolve, finding the right solutions that can help you stay ahead of the game is crucial. With software solutions now available.

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Web Design & Development

We specialize in modern, responsive websites with SEO-friendly coding that meets the needs of businesses both large and small.

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Motion Designer

We specialize in assisting companies in effectively conveying their stories, and providing them with captivating content that leaves a lasting impression

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Mobile Development

Using the Most Recent Technologies to Get the Most Out of Mobile App Development Services. We have provided several outstanding mobile solutions

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Graphic Designer

We combine our love of design with a straightforward approach to develop thoughtful and engaging solutions that continue to serve our customers

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Logo Designer

Enlist the expertise of our exceptional logo designers to craft your ideal brand, elevating your business with a polished and professional look and feel

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Data Entry

We are specialists in providing services like offshore data entry outsourcing, online data entry, offline data entry, typing services, data collection

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Social Media Service

Providing assistance to companies with various areas of their social media marketing strategy through the deployment of result-driven services

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Successful projects

When it comes to successful projects, it’s not just about having the right people with the right skills. It also requires collaboration, communication, and a shared vision for success

Our Team

Meet Our Awesome Team

Our team is the core of our business - without them, we wouldn't be able to function! We're so grateful to have such a passionate, hard-working who are always working to make our company the best it can be

Michael Osama
Full Stack Developer

10+ years in website design/development; experience stretches from static web page creation to custom full-scale solutions that integrate with multiple business systems. Comprehensive understanding and experience with all aspects of the website lifecycle: investigation, planning, design, development, launch, maintenance

Merna Naaem
Motion and Graphic Designer

She is responsible for creating and directing the visual aspects of the company’s digital products. This includes creating high-quality imagery, animations, and video content for marketing communications, videos, and other media with more than 5 years of experience at motion, logo and graphic processing

Ahmed Sabry
Mobile Developer

Hardworking, highly proficient Mobile Developer with over 4 plus years of experience and a real passion for mobile application development. Readily embracing cutting-edge technology, I have gained an in-depth understanding of the main mobile platforms and recognize the subtle differences between each

Mariam Hana
Social Media Administrator

Working with the Management team to create website content and printed marketing collateral, Manage all product communications and collateral; including but not limited to blogs, videos, and social media, innovating and engaging campaigns, Assisting Client Services with Customer Success


Blog Posts

Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and best practices in data analytics and digital transformation through SAS's engaging blog posts.

Digital Transformation in the Banking Industry Digital Archiving
28 May, 2023
Digital Transformation in the Banking Industry

Discover how SAS is revolutionizing digital transformation in the banking industry.

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Digital Transformation in the Pharmacy Industry Digital Archiving
28 May, 2023
Digital Transformation Revolutionizing in the Pharmacy

Discover how SAS is revolutionizing digital transformation in the Pharmacy industry.

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Digital Transformation in the Petrol Industry Digital Archiving
28 May, 2023
Digital Transformation Revolutionizing in the Petrol

Discover how SAS is revolutionizing digital transformation in the Petrol industry.

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